Founders Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Piper are longtime friends who share a passion for good wine and a desire to innovate. When women discovered that glass bottles and their transportation are the two biggest contributors to wine’s carbon footprint, they set out to reshape the category with an unparalleled commitment to sustainability. Combining their diverse background at iconic brands such as Perrier-Joüet, Virgin Galactic and Vogue, the duo bring their wealth of experience in sales, marketing and alcoholic beverages to the table. Together, the two entrepreneurs are paving the way for a new space where quality wine aligns with a conscious lifestyle, and the concept of elevated boxed wine is brought to life at scale.

“We recognized the unmet need for a sustainable wine that did not sacrifice quality, taste or design. Boxed wine offered an environmentally friendly packaging solution but had yet to reach its full potential. potential, so we took advantage of it to innovate the category with elevated aesthetics and a truly superior wine,” commented Lauren De Niro Piperco-founder and co-CEO of Juliet.

From winemaking practices to packaging, sustainability is at the heart of Juliet’s mission to pave the way for conscious consumption. Wines are made in a facility certified by the California Sustainable Winekeeping Alliance (CSWA) and packaging is made with recycled materials to set the stage for real environmental impact. Juliet is also pioneering the first home wine refill system in the United States, where customers can reuse paper containers and reorder only the inner wine pouches at a discount.

The Eco-magnum™ is versatile and developed for convenience with a superior design. The large format stays fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening and the exclusive glassless design with handle is ideal for on-the-go occasions, picnics, the beach or at home, fitting perfectly on a fridge shelf. The airtight spout provides an “on tap” experience anywhere, making Juliet a portable and durable choice for everyday drinking occasions.

“When we discovered that boxed wine had an 84% lower carbon footprint than wine in conventional glass bottles, we were inspired to take action. Juliet is here to reshape consumer perspectives on boxed wine with a luxury product that not only changes the culture of drinking wine, but sets a new standard for sustainability in the industry,” said Allison Luveraco-founder and co-CEO of Juliet.

Juliet’s potential has been recognized by key investors including Jonathan Neman (CEO & Founder of Sweetgreen) and Leora Kadisha Neman, Lauren Bosworth (CEO and Founder of Love Wellness), Dick Costolo (Former CEO of Twitter), Kurt Seidensticker (Founder, vital proteins), Brooke’s Wall (Founder, The Wall Group) and Anderson Family Brands.

The wines are made by hand with a quality that begins in the vineyard and continues from the cellar to the glass. Grapes are chosen based on terroir first and sourced from some of the most renowned AVA vineyards on California’s Central Coast, championing premium quality from the start. The ensuing style of winemaking honors the natural excellence of the fruit using low intervention and no artificial additives in the process, and the end product contains a minimum of ingredients which are transparently listed on the label for a complete paradigm shift on conventional bottles. The result is a pure expression of the vineyards, the vintage and the fruit of the land – better quality that’s better for you.

Sauvignon Blanc 2021 is an old-school take on the varietal with aromas of Meyer lemon, ripe pear, honeydew melon, a hint of grass and a crisp mouthfeel. The Rosé 2021 is 100% Grenache made in a dry Provençal style, with notes of bright strawberry, watermelon and floral notes followed by a subtly spicy yet delicate palate.

Juliet will be available for purchase online and at premium retailers from New York, Californiaand Florida for $45.99. For store locator and e-commerce store, visit www.drinkjuliet.com.


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Jean H. Vannatta