Penfolds Expands Luxury Wine Portfolio With “Superblends”


Australian brand Penfolds has expanded its booming luxury wine portfolio, with the addition of two new “Superblends” comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

The first of Penfold’s Superblends will launch at select UK outlets in October, and the second wine will officially launch when the collection launches next year.

The first wine will be listed by Harvey Nichols – List price: £ 520. For comparison, The Grange is typically priced around £ 600.

Penfold’s new luxury duo is based on almost identical amounts of Cabernet and Shiraz.

However, Penfold chief winemaker Peter Gago said db that the winemaking and maturation techniques “could not be more different”.

According to Gago, the Superblends were given the working names of ‘802.A’ and ‘802.B’.

“802.A gives it a bit of play – this cuvée has been aged only in 100% new American oak for 22 months,” said Gago.

“In contrast, the 802.B was aged for 19 months in 54% new French oak barrels and 46% one-year barrels. In addition, we have adopted different winemaking techniques for each wine.

“802.A was produced in a“ traditional ”way, with the base wines vinified and aged separately before composing the final blend before bottling. Still, the 802.B is very much in keeping with the Penfolds’ “no courage, no glory” philosophy. We mix first, then age later.

Both wines are composed of fruits from the main terroirs of South Australia, including Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley.

Gago said db that the project was in part designed to help their winegrowers face the challenges of viticulture in 21st century in Australia, especially the continuing threat of climate change.

“Above all, we wanted to produce two exceptional Shiraz / Cabernet blends without compromising the quality of our existing flagship range,” said Gago.

“So what we did was say to our growers, ‘Look, your grapes might not be exceptional enough to fit into the Barn, but it’s still A-grade fruit that we can use. in the Superblends ”.

“We wanted to support multigenerational families who haven’t arrived at La Grange for 15 years – this gives them a new goal to achieve. “

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