Launch of a luxury wine wall with robotic arm and “virtual sommelier”

A new luxury wine wall that includes a ‘virtual sommelier’ and a robotic arm to select and deliver the bottle of your choice via a glass hatch has been launched by WineCab.

Credit: WineCab

The visually striking design is sure to add a stunning architectural feature to an upscale restaurant or the luxury home of a serious oenophile and wow guests with its seamless robotic action, selecting and serving the bottle of your choice for you and your business.

“Whether enjoyed at home, in an upscale restaurant / bar, or wherever you can imagine, your wine collection will always be at your fingertips thanks to WineCab’s sensory technology,” states a list of products. on the WineCab website.

The wine wall design is open to various customization options, although WineCab says each system will include a built-in AI system that acts as a “virtual sommelier”. He will offer food and wine pairing suggestions, as well as personalized recommendations and search capabilities based on his preferences.

With prices starting at $ 179,000, WineCab’s wine walls are quite in the high end of the market price. The systems are temperature controlled and offer the “optimum humidity range for wine storage” according to a list of websites.

Security features include facial recognition to give access to its wine collection, motion sensors to detect unwanted movement and the ability to lock individual bottles as desired.

If you’re interested in the WineCab system, you can find out more – and join the waiting list – here.

Elsewhere in the luxury market, the Italian jewelry brand Bulgari is teaming up with the champagne house Dom Pérignon for the release of a 2004 rosé champagne in limited edition.

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