Drinjk EEZY Luxury Wine Advent Calendar Now Available For Purchase

After selling out in three weeks last year, Drinjk’s fun wine advent calendar is back to ensure that no customer has to endure a holiday season fueled by eggnog.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Drinjk EEZY, a popular single serve wine company, has just released its 2021 edition of the Luxury Wine Advent Calendar.

Following the success of last year’s calendar, which included 12 unique wines, Drinjk co-founders Brett and Alexa Bayda decided to offer customers even more options for the 2021 holiday season.

Wine lovers can now choose from the standard 12-pack luxury wine Advent Calendar or opt for a 24-pack for an extra dose of holiday cheer.

When it comes to what sets their wine calendar apart from the competition, the Baydas look no further than their company’s emphasis on quality. Built on the principle of “making wine fun again”, Drinjk sources its wines exclusively from small and medium batches of family cellars around the world.

Rather than standard mass-produced wines, Drinjk’s Luxury Wine Advent Calendar features unique artisan wines from seven different countries. This year’s selections include wines from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina and the United States.

Among the wines you’ll find in this year’s Luxury Wine Advent Calander are an Italian Pinot Gris from a 16th-century Venetian estate, an award-winning red blend from the hills of Navarre, Spain, and a Cabernet Sauvignon made by a third-generation American winemaker.

Drinjk’s Wine Advent Calendar allows customers to enjoy a new single-serve wine every day, without duplicates. Each wine comes in a chic glass bottle that holds 6.3 ounces of premium wine, which equates to just one glass of wine for two or an extra generous serving for one.

The total amount of wine included in Drinjk’s 24-Pack Wine Advent Calendar is 750ml, the amount found in about six full standard wine bottles.

Pricing starts at $ 74.99 for a 12-pack Deluxe Advent Calendar or $ 119 for the 24-pack edition. Drinjk ships to various US states and shipping rates are included in the price of each wine calendar.

Pre-orders for the 12-bottle calendars are expected to arrive between December 1 and 10, while those placed on the 24-bottle calendars are expected to be received between November 25 and 28.

For any questions about Drinjk EEZY or the Advent Wine Calendar, contact [email protected]

About Drinjk EEZY: Leader n ° 1 in premium wines in single portions, Drinjk’s mission is to make wine enjoyable again. Make it more convenient for busy wine lovers to enjoy a glass of wine without the commitment of always having to open a full-size bottle.

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