Cooking class and wine – recipe for tasty pleasure in the comfort of your kitchen

Did you attend a virtual cooking class during this pandemic year? Otherwise, you’re missing out on a fun way to learn how to cook festive dishes, from the comfort of your own kitchen, while enjoying a glass (or two!) Of wine. Plus, you’ll meet new (virtual) friends and explore unusual ingredients.

Ready to jump into the virtual cooking class pool? The Kendall-Jackson cellar is causing a sensation with its cooking classes led by its executive chef, Justin Wangler. He offers classes via Zoom from professional kitchens at the Kendall-Jackson Estate in Sonoma County, California.

The next Kendall-Jackson cooking class is Chicken, Chorizo ​​and Seafood Paella (April 15, 2021). I’ve always found seafood paella to be intimidating to prepare until I learn from a chef how to prepare it properly. Traditionally cooked over an open fire (I love to cook paella on my grill), the finished dish has a crispy bottom of toasted rice, infused with smoky, paprika, garlic, and saffron flavors. A dish that is sure to impress your guests when you move the party outside. I can’t wait to see Chef Wangler’s interpretation of this classic Spanish dish. You can find an updated schedule of cooking classes on their website:

Also enjoy fabulous recipes on the Kendall-Jackson website. Recipes from their cooking classes are included on this site. Each recipe includes a recommended wine pairing. I can’t wait to whip up these appetizer recipes as the weather warms up: caprese melon skewers and roasted tomatoes, gouda cheese, and basil dip – both served with Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay and a salad of chilled peaches and proscuitto – served with Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc.

The Kendall-Jackson recipe section of their website is more than just recipes… it can become your go-to site for home entertainment. The site celebrates every season – the best food and wine pairings for the holidays, flower arrangements for your dining table, recipes galore with videos that make it easy to create fabulous parties and intimate gatherings.

Did you know that one of Nancy Regan’s favorite wines was Kendall-Jackson Vintner Chardonnay Reserve? According to the Kendall-Jackson website, the Regan’s enjoyed serving California wines at the White House. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Coen discovered Nancy’s penchant for wine and nicknamed her “Nancy’s Wine”. Which begs the question: Has Ronald Regan ever paired jelly beans with wine? If not, he may have missed it because, depending on the commotion, the jelly bean and the food and wine pairings are one thing. They suggest pairing Riesling with beans with fruit jelly, Pinot noir with wild cherry and pear chardonnay or beans with buttered popcorn jelly. Do you dare?

Are you ready to try a new recipe or a new food pairing? Can’t wait to attend virtual cooking classes?

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Jean H. Vannatta