Burgundy plans to open a wine museum by 2020

The Burgundy Wines Office has approved a project to build a network of wine tourism centers in the region, called “Cités des Vins de Bourgogne”.

Approved Burgundy wine museums

There will be three sites for the Cities of Burgundy Wines: one in Beaune, one in Mâcon; and one in Chablis. They should be ready by 2020.

The Burgundy Wines Bureau (BIVB) approved the plan at 72% in December 2016.

It follows the opening of Bordeaux’s € 80 million wine theme park, Cité du Vin, in June 2016, and shows how tourism is becoming more important for French wine regions.

The Burgundian authorities want to “encourage tourists to venture further than the Dijon-Beaune axis, and to explore the wine region in the broad sense, to stay longer and to come back”, the BIVB noted.

It also aims to educate about terroirs, the climates, grape varieties and oenological practices of Burgundy, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

Guests will also be able to taste wines and purchase wine selection boxes at each of the new centers.

While the Bordeaux City of Wine has information on the wines of the world – and has at least 70 Burgundy wines to taste – the Cités des Vins de Bourgogne project is specific to Burgundy.

The Beaune site – which will be the largest of the three – will be part of a redevelopment of the district that includes a new five-star hotel, a large reception hall, a shopping center and two restaurants. It will also house the Burgundy Wine School.

‘[This is] a project that will affect an entire generation, ”said Louis-Fabrice Latour, President of the BIVB.

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