Bordeaux wine museum is millions over budget

The Cité des civilizations du vin in Bordeaux, currently under construction, exceeds the budget by 18 million euros but will be completed on schedule.

Artistic representation of the Bordeaux Wine Culture Center

Intended to open at the end of 2016 as a wine museum, gallery and cultural space, it is said that at least 8 million euros of the deficit was due to an underestimation of labor costs during the development of plans several years ago as well as rising land costs. .

According to The Gazette, the mayor of Bordeaux, Alian Juppé, admitted: “There is a significant deficit, it is undeniable. The city’s investment has increased from € 13 million to € 31 million, ”he concluded, indicating that it will be the town hall that will bear the weight of the increase in the budget.

The overall project was approved for 63 million euros in 2012, but the re-evaluation of the budget brought this figure to 77.7 million euros, an additional investment of 3.4 million euros in “technology of visitor experience “- including smartphones that can translate into eight different languages ​​- means the project will cost around 81.1 million euros in total.

Despite the increase, when completed, the complex is expected to ultimately contribute 40 million euros to the city’s economy and, in addition to creating 200 jobs over the three-year construction period, will create 250 jobs in full time in the center when it opens.

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Jean H. Vannatta

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