Bill Davies of Schramsberg Fame launches two new wine brands – Billy D and Ramble


Old school Napa Legacy Dating New School 21st Century

Napa Valley, CaliforniaFebruary 1, 2021 Rooted in the traditions of the early days of Napa winemaking, Bill Davies is launching a compelling new wine line, drawing on his family history as part of the iconic Schramsberg Winery.

Bill Davies was born into the world of wine as the first son of Jack and Jamie Davies who founded Schramsberg in the mid-1960s at a time when community, camaraderie and closeness brought together family, friends and even strangers. . Bill combined the best of those days with a 21st century to offer a fun wine experience. With a light and agile infrastructure, Bill produces Billy D and Ramble wines with unique varieties sourced from northern California vineyards in a custom crushing facility.

Bill’s two new labels, Billy D and Ramble, are innovative and ambitious brands that reflect the values ​​of Bill’s childhood in Napa Valley, when the community was small, relatively rural and almost all of the winemakers were entrepreneurs. , experimenting and making wines on the fly. Bill Davies experienced it then and practices it today. Continuing the generational chain, Billy D and Ramble include the contribution of “my family kitchen cabinet” that he calls – especially his daughter Abbie, who designed the wine labels and collaborated on the branding and design. vision, and his son Jack as a blacksmith and “general counsel.” “

Billy D wines include Mountain Barbera, French Colombard and Daydreamer Rosé under screw cap, at an affordable price. The logo, a goatee, evokes Bill’s commitment to pushing back old trends while creating new ones. “These wines evoke a fun and laid back attitude, the wines are lively and delicious, good juices, never overwhelming,” Davies notes. “We offer them in 500ml ‘travel light’ glasses and what I call ‘good’ n much ‘1000ml. These are quality dry wines that taste more than they cost.

The Ramble offers vibrant, low-alcohol offerings with certified organic fruit from dry 70-100 year old vines. Supporting sustainability, the wines are offered in 750ml, using an ultra-light glass and a fully recyclable vegetable stopper. Ramble includes bottlings of Chenin Blanc, Valdiguié Rosé and Carignan from 2019. Petite Sirah, Charbono and Barbera have been crushed and fermented in 2020 for a future release. “As with fine dining, the best flavors in wine come from pure ingredients that can be expressed,” says Bill. “I want to do something tangible and pure that speaks of a sense of belonging.”

About Billy D Wines

Unlike the norm, Billy D and Ramble wines are affordable everyday wines made from “lost and found” varietals including Valdiguié, French Colombard, Carignan and others. Believing wine should be both delicious and fun at the same time, Billy D wines are bottled in 500ml and 1000ml glasses with screw caps, while Ramble wines use ultra-light glass and fully vegetal cork. recyclable. Billy D Wines: Drink it up. To like. Buck It.


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