Ackley Beverage Group launches Landlines Estates, a new luxury wine brand

“When we discovered Tidalstar Vineyard in 2016, we knew that its ideal terroir combined with the highest standards of sustainable agriculture would produce exceptional and unique wines from the Willamette Valley,” said Rudy Marchesi, head winemaker of fixed estates and president of Demeter United States. “This first version of Landlines is a superb expression of what this very special vineyard has to offer.”

Ackley Beverage Group has assembled a team of expert wine growers, growers and winemakers to show the full range of what this unique micro-site can produce. The thoughtful collaboration of wine producers offers decades of experience in biodynamic and organic viticulture and artful winemaking.

The inaugural version of Landlines Estates is from the 2017 vintage and will be available for the first time in December of this year. Each of the four wines reflects various expressions of the vineyard and is produced in extremely limited quantities. With the purchase of 12 bottles, three of each wine, individuals will join the Landlines Estates Founders Club and be guaranteed future vintages and other benefits. Due to the limited quantities produced, this initial allocation will be on a first come, first served basis.

The launch of Landlines Estates adds to Ackley Beverage Group’s growing portfolio of wine brands. With professional and financial capital, they helped Montinore Estate build their national awareness and last year purchased 177 acres in YamhillCarlton to build a new state-of-the-art production facility, a 100-acre vineyard and several tasting rooms. The investment group is actively seeking acquisition opportunities to develop its wine partners in Washington and Oregon.

About Ackley Beverage Group
Ackley Beverage Group, a SeattleA family-owned investment company dedicated to supporting premium wine brands throughout the Northwest, providing financial and professional resources to partners in the wine industry. They are committed to ensuring the continuity and management of a wine estate’s unique heritage, while providing the necessary resources to partners so that they realize their greatest potential. In addition to capital, the company provides professional support in management, operation, sales and marketing. To learn more, visit

About landline domains
Landlines Estates makes small, separate batches of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay sourced from Tidalstar Vineyard in YamhillCarlton. A small team of winegrowers, winegrowers and winegrowers was brought together to show the full range of expression of this very particular vineyard. To learn more, visit

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