9 Best Muscat Wine Brands – Cheap But Good Muscat Wine

Moscato can have a bad (undeserved!) Reputation. Although it is semi-sweet and dry, critics will dismiss the drink as sweet. Well guess what? They don’t know what they’re missing: The right bottle of Moscato tastes refreshing, light, and fruity, the kind that’s perfect for sipping on brunch or as an after-dinner treat. And this mythical good Moscato doesn’t have to be expensive, if you know where to look. For a sparkling brand that will turn a Moscato lover into a Moscato lover, here are our favorite bottles of Italian wine.


Saracco Moscato d’Asti

If you are serving fresh fruit, this is the bottle to open. Pears, peaches and fresh berries will complement the taste of this wine.


Il Conte Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti

One of the driest bottles of Moscato on the market, the semi-sweet flavor is actually perfect for offsetting a particularly spicy main course.


Sutter Home Moscato

For a solid choice under $ 10, go for this Sutter Home bottle. There are a lot of Moscatos in this price range, but none with the balanced acidity and sweet taste of this bottle.


Skinnygirl muscat wine

The original idea of Real housewives’ Bethenny Frankel, this light, low calorie bottle tastes as tasty and sweet as a traditional bottle.


Earl Stevens Mangoscato

With a relatively high blood alcohol level of 18% (!), It’s safe to say that this Mango Moscato is the wine you bring to the party when you want to have a good time.


Baron Herzog Youth Muscat Noir

Not your typical pink Moscato, this black Muscat really epitomizes how diverse this grape can be. With its deep red color and aromatic notes of pineapple and apple, this bottle still has the characteristic sparkling sweetness of Moscato.


Myx Fusions Peach Moscato

Pairing this Moscato with a fruity dessert would taste like peach.


Barefoot Moscato Spritzer

Crisp and light with a relatively low blood alcohol content, this canned sprizer was designed to be drunk during the day. Plus, the simple packaging in individual portions makes them perfect on the go.

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