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I don’t know about you, but for me, summer is spending time outside with a drink in hand. Whether you’re at the beach, relaxing on a pool float, or having a nice little picnic, wine makes everything better. There are a multitude of wine options for every palette, price and occasion. Plus, many of your favorite celebrities have gotten into business by launching their own brands! So yes, it’s safe to say that finding a wine you’ll like can be overwhelming. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up some recommendations for celebrity wine brands that you should definitely add to your bar cart of famous faces like John Legend, Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough, Cameron Diaz, and Post Malone.

In most cases, these celebrity-owned brands are a collaboration with a professional winemaker, so you know they’re good whether you’re looking for crisp whites, full-bodied reds, or crisp rosés. From easy-to-go canned wines to ~fancy~ bottles for special occasions, these celebrity-owned wines are perfect for sipping all summer long.

Our pick of the best celebrity wines of 2022

Ahead, the best wines from stars like John Legend, Cameron Diaz and Post Malone for all your summer evenings.

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Fresh vine wines

Chardonnay from Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough

Fresh Vine Wines was co-founded by true best friends Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough. Cuuuut! Made and bottled in Napa Valley, these wines are low in sugar, carbohydrates and calories. Perfect for you and your BFF to enjoy while having a girls night out.

THE OPINIONS :I had pretty much given up on finding a full-bodied, satisfying “real wine”—instead of a watered-down version of an original,” writes one reviewer. “Fresh Vine is the answer to those who want truly delicious wine. a wine that you can’t tell is low in sugar.”

House No. 9

Post Malone Rosé

Ummm, did you know that Post Malone has a brand of wine? ? Maison No. 9 Rosé is produced in Provence, France, and is described as “crispy, refreshing and explosive” with hints of peach. Is it too early to declare that it is my favorite wine of the summer?

THE OPINIONS : Nice and crispy without being too dry and with just the right amount of sweetness,” writes one reviewer.

Coasts of Provence

Brad Pitt’s Rosé

In 2008, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased the Château Miraval estate in the village of Correns in Provence, France. Angelina sold her shares in 2021, but Brad still owns the estate, which produces wines including this fruity and floral rosé.

THE OPINIONS : “Fantastic, light and floral, perfect for summer,” writes one reviewer.


Cameron Diaz Rosé

Avaline was co-founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, and they focus on clean ingredients. Avaline wines are all made with organic grapes and no added sugar. Plus, they just launched canned versions of their best-selling rosé and white wines (perfect for sipping by the pool!).

THE OPINIONS : These cans are the perfect companion for a picnic!” shares one reviewer. “So easy to throw in any size cooler and enjoy on a sunny day with your favorite fruit!”

Z.Alexander Brown

Cabernet Sauvignon from Zac Brown

Country singer Zac Brown has a line of wines he produces with California winemaker John Killebrew, with grapes sourced from various Northern California wine regions. Their Cabernet Sauvignon has flavors of black cherry, mocha and sweet toasty oak, so you should definitely pop a bottle of it on your next date.

THE OPINIONS :High quality for the price,” writes one reviewer. “Delicious and never disappoints – in my top three table wines.”

19 misdemeanors

Snoop Dogg’s Red Cali

Of course, Snoop Dogg has a wine! This red blend brings together Petite Syrah and Zinfandel grapes. It has flavors of red fruits and lightly toasted oak.

THE OPINIONS : I’m NOT a fan of red wine, and I was a little suspicious when my husband brought home a bottle with Snoop Dogg’s face on it. writes one reviewer. “I’m so glad I tried! This wine is extremely smooth, slightly sweet, and pairs well with so many foods! Try it.”

19 misdemeanors

Chardonnay from Martha Stewart

Of course, if Snoop has a wine, so does his best friend Martha Stewart. Martha’s 19 Crimes wine is a buttery chardonnay with notes of stone fruit and creamy caramel oak.

THE OPINIONS :Awesome and fun white wine!” shares one reviewer. “Fresh with a semi-sweet taste. I really liked this wine.”

Vanderpump Rosé

Lisa Vanderpump’s Rosé

The The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum has a range of wines including this rosé which has notes of strawberry, tangerine and peach. It also works with winemakers to produce a Vanderpump Chardonnay and a Vanderpump Cabernet.

THE OPINIONS :I like that this rosé is light and not too sweet.” writes one reviewer. “I also like to add fresh berries to my glass to give it that extra Vanderpump feel! Highly recommend!”

Francis Ford Coppola

Diamond Claret by Francis Ford Coppola

At this point, it’s a little hard to tell if Francis Ford Coppola is best known for his wines or his Hollywood career (he directed The Godfather, nbd). Either way, there are a ton of great wines available from his Sonoma cellar, including this one that tastes of wild berries, plums, and anise.

THE OPINIONS :Wow. What a bargain. So balanced, no harshness, fruity, jam strong berry flavor,” writes one reviewer. “Would have been great with beef or chocolate pie…Can’t wait for another bottle.”

Bellissima sugar-free sparkling wine

Christie Brinkley’s Sparkling Wine

This sugar-free sparkling wine from Christie Brinkley is made with organic grapes. It has notes of white flowers and grapefruit, so you can sip while imagining you’re on vacation somewhere beautiful instead of sitting at home.

THE OPINIONS :This is my new favorite find!” wrote one reviewer. “Love the taste of this Prosecco! Crispy, without aftertaste, not sweet, not too sparkling, just the right amount of sparkling. I will never go back to regular Prosecco again.”

Giuliana Prosecco

Giuliana Rancic’s Prosecco

the old E ! New corresponding has its own range of sparkling wines made in Italy. This prosecco has fresh notes of pear and golden apple.

THE OPINIONS :It was my first time trying this Prosecco and it was very good – light and not too sweet,” writes one reviewer.

sun goddess

Pinot Grigio from Mary J. Blige

First of all, how gorgeous is this label? Mary J. Blige works with the Fantinel estate in the province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northeast Italy to produce her collection of wines, including this blush-colored pinot grigio. It gets the unique color of the grape skins, which are included in the maceration process. It has notes of peach, melon and berries… YUM!

THE OPINIONS : “I’m mostly a red wine lover who likes very dry wines,” writes one reviewer. “But it was a white that I loved and will continue to buy!”


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Rosé

This gorgeous rosé from Sarah Jessica Parker and Invivo & Co has notes of red berries, stone fruit, lemon peel, crisp apple and fresh fig. In short, it’s summer in a glass.

THE OPINIONS : One reviewer described it wine like a “wormy dry rosé with dry floral and strawberry notes.”

What about celebrities launching their own rosé wine?? Anyway, I’m definitely not mad that John Legend is added to the list. He works with Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley to produce a range of wines, including this crisp rosé with notes of strawberry and white nectarine.

THE OPINIONS :It is a beautiful dry and aromatic rose,” writes one reviewer. “It can be paired with lighter foods (anything you squeeze a lemon on) and because of its richness and body, it can also support heavier or fatty foods.

drinking day

Little Big Town Wine Spritzers

Country band Little Big Town has a whole line of canned wine spritzers in fun fruity flavors like watermelon rosé, black cherry and southern peach.

THE OPINIONS : One reviewer describes this as a “great cooler alternative to beer!”

When people talk about grape varieties, they are usually talking about the grapes with which the wine was made. Some of the most common white wine varietals are pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, moscato, and riesling. When it comes to reds, you’ll likely come across names like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir. And then of course, you have rosé. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are a ton of different varietals, but knowing which ones you already love can help you find your new favorite wines.

If you shop online, you can look for bottles recommended by wine experts. Plus, you can watch to see which wines have won awards, which is a pretty good indicator that they’re worth buying.

If you’re shopping in person, talk to a wine store employee about what interests you. It can definitely point you in the right direction and you can learn more about the wines you love.

How to Choose the Best Celebrity Wine

Remember that you can find good wines at different prices

There’s no shortage of expensive wines, but you don’t have to spend a ton of $$$ to find a good wine.

Read reviews

If you’re new to wine, reading wine reviews on Drizly or other sources can give you information that might be helpful in deciding what to buy.

Keep track of your likes and dislikes

This is something I wish I had started doing sooner. When you try a wine that you really like (or don’t really like), write it down in your Notes app or in an app specifically designed to keep track of different wines. You can write down the flavors you noticed, what you liked or disliked and of course the name of the wine. Then when you pick up your next bottle, you’ll have a record of what you should be looking for.

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